View Full Version : Infinitum Hiring GFX Team

06-04-2002, 05:46 AM
The new server project Infinitum is hiring a GFX Team. First thing is first as always, here are the requirements:

1) Must have a full dedication to the server working on, no other servers may be attended in a job fashion. Hard work and a good attitude help.
2) Must make 1 GFX of a rocket launcher. Make it as realistic as possible, no blocky images will be accepted and no insanely large images will be accepted, keep it graal size, meaning make it so that if we chose your rocket launcher GFX, an actual graal person would be able to use it wihout being 10x smaller than the weapon itself, or 10x bigger for that matter.
3) All GFX must be labled: InfinitumGFXTO and zipped in a .zip folder in order to be accepted. Try to keep the images .gif and .png. BMP images are not only annoying but they are much larger in size. Thankyou and all GFX are to be sent to:
[email protected]