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03-17-2001, 02:12 PM
would it be possible for stefan, unixmad, galen, or somebody else with their authority to declare what the pking staff rule actually is?

in the gp handbook it says not to pk gp's. i was told by the game that when gp is shown, it stands for all staff on graal. it is an "implied" rule. if it is not written, it cant be a rule.

could someone here clarify this rule?

i am also sick of events team members always wearing their events team tag just walking around doing nothing. when attacked they scream "WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS ILLEGAL!"

events team members are the exact same as normal players, only they have their accounts in the guildcode which is encoorporated into some npc's allowing events team members to operate them. when an ET member is not operating an npc, or holding an event, they should not be considered on duty. them wearing their tag should be considered abuse and illegal, if they are considered staff. why most ET members should not be considered staff has already been stated above. besides, ive seen players not on ET hold better events than the ET.

yes, i am on the Events Team, and am proud to say i do not abuse my "power" as some do.

again, i would appreciate a written clarification of this rule, preferebly from stefan, unixmad, galen, or someone of their authority. no not you lycia or the game.

03-17-2001, 02:21 PM
ha they can make up any rule they want about pking staff members, but I will never apply to it because it is pointless.

03-17-2001, 03:08 PM
Sometimes i see people in ET tags PKing :\

03-17-2001, 06:06 PM
You shouldn't be PK'ing staff at all. As far ET's PK'ing whilst on duty (Using the (Events Team) tag.), they shouldn't be doing that, and I'll look into it.

03-17-2001, 06:46 PM
Well if they attack you, you attack them is a basic rule which you can apply safely I think.

03-17-2001, 06:54 PM
Even so, they could just get an admin to warp the harrasser away.

03-17-2001, 09:17 PM
There is no need for ETs to wear their tag all the time. All it is for is when they say "Start" or something.

03-17-2001, 11:47 PM
I'd BE Happy if ETs are actually on

03-18-2001, 01:01 AM
Some of the new ETs are crappy. CJH told me I couldn't play Capture the flag for no apparent reason, and since I wouldnt leave the building he was trying to get me jailed.

03-18-2001, 01:08 AM
And Virtually All of them do not allow bomys in their events

03-18-2001, 04:49 AM
IF, i was ET id host events for bomys =P *grumble grumble*

03-18-2001, 04:51 AM
ask Cloud Strife to hold bomy events, cuz he is a bomy himself.

03-18-2001, 06:58 AM
Most of the events i have (excluding bomy race of course) I try to make them for both bomy's and humans

03-18-2001, 07:04 AM
Bomys Are cool heheh

03-18-2001, 07:31 AM
bomys lag. :(

Crono Illusion
03-18-2001, 07:54 AM
Bomys are cool... they just don't seem to serve enough of a purpose.

03-18-2001, 10:27 AM
I disagree with "ET's don't have to wear their tag all the time", but conditionally.
If they did not buy an account, they should have to wear their tag. If you're playing for free because you're staff, you have to take all the stupid questions that comes with it.

But then, I'm not particularly keen on admins with their tags off warping...

03-18-2001, 01:51 PM
To my knowledge all the ET paid for their accounts.

03-18-2001, 09:07 PM
Yes, the staff did pay for their accounts.

As for ET members having warpto and update level powers, the only 2 peoples that have it in the ET are MadBrad and Infamous Freak.

No one else should have it.