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03-17-2001, 01:47 PM
I'm just wondering What's up with the shop keepers having lives?

It's interesting, but is it really neccesary? I'm just wondering here & what others think of.

03-17-2001, 01:52 PM
I personally like it better that way....

03-17-2001, 01:53 PM
i havent seen this yet, but i think its a fun idea. if the npcs sleep then it will provide the player with a challenge, to hold the gralats until the npc is awake. or maybe make a way, that, if you do something to the npc long enough, s/he will wake up. if the npc wakes up the prices would be higher because the npc is angry. :)

just some ideas i came up with as i was writing this reply

03-17-2001, 02:32 PM
Are you kidding me? It's the best! It's so cool! Better NPCs was one of the promises of this server, and I expect to actually see them!

03-17-2001, 02:35 PM
its the same thing from Majora's Mask. you can pick almost any character in the game in Clock Town and follow them around as they do their stuff throughout the day. such as Anju or the Postman

03-17-2001, 03:04 PM
Hey...has anyone seen Ragnarok lately?

No wonder the Avalon revisions are taking so long....

03-17-2001, 06:08 PM
I actually like the idea of the shop keepers having a daily life. It makes us learn patience. We're too instant. We want everything NOW, and this is the perfect way to instill patience.

03-17-2001, 06:48 PM
Originally posted by Tyhm
Hey...has anyone seen Ragnarok lately?

No wonder the Avalon revisions are taking so long....

A friend of mine saw him online last time about a week ago, but he's either very busy or he's quit Graal... I hope he's just very busy.

03-17-2001, 06:55 PM
Everyone is quitting Graal.

03-18-2001, 12:01 AM
Yeah The Shopkeepers With Lives Are Good! (apart from just selling and sleeping isnt much of a life...)

03-18-2001, 12:03 AM
Garanto Should Hide Under his shell at night heheh

03-18-2001, 01:51 AM
NPCs with lives is really damn cool, I love Rag's little farming place in Avalon, it's probably the best part of classic graal (err... no offense tyhm ?)

03-18-2001, 02:00 AM
yes, if you kill the shop keepers, then you cannot buy things, that would get too complaicated :)

03-18-2001, 02:09 AM
lol Hawk, but you could just take it since the shopkeeper is dead :)

03-18-2001, 03:12 AM

03-18-2001, 03:50 AM
If I kidnapped Skop and Jewel... I'd hold them for ransom :D

Crono Illusion
03-18-2001, 03:53 AM
And, Overworld-NPCs doesn't have any money, so he wouldn't know what to do about it.

03-18-2001, 04:49 AM
Makes the world more interactive which is very cool in my opinon, they should make it so that the policeman take different spots at different times as well

03-18-2001, 06:36 AM
it would be cool if they had a police station, and cops would take breaks and eat donuts and such :D

03-18-2001, 06:39 AM
That would be 1337!

03-18-2001, 06:56 AM
Originally posted by Lycia
Everyone is quitting Graal.

ha, yeah right! everyone has been saying they quit graal but they come back a week later. Heck, game said he quit but yet he is still playing!

03-18-2001, 06:59 AM
lol thatd be cool

03-18-2001, 07:14 AM
yes, it would :D

Crono Illusion
03-18-2001, 07:57 AM
There should be a Dunkin' Donuts, and you should be able to bribe the cops with donuts for them to leave you alone for a month.

03-18-2001, 08:28 AM
Paul must get pretty tired walking in circles over and over again.

03-18-2001, 08:33 AM
Lol... i think on occasional nights, there should be a "theif" on the loose, just a server NPC who runs around stealing money. Manny and Paul get alerted and start chasing the theif, and whoever helps them catch it gets all the money it has, as well as whatever reward Manny and Paul wish to pay him.

03-18-2001, 08:53 AM
Hey, that'd be cool, but I imagine it would be tough to script!

I think the best thing to do is, whoever kills the thief wins all the money the thief had stolen to that point.

03-18-2001, 11:45 AM
When I started this threat, I was in a little annoyed tone. They're starting to grow on me now & some other ideas are starting to come up.

Anyways, on a less personal but fun side, I think there's something going on between Brady & Jewel, the mining shopkeeper. :) ;) Just something that I caught on a visit to the shop.

03-18-2001, 11:47 AM
i am quite annoyed at Skop having his own life, i have my needs you know, he can't just be going around sleeping and eating when it's inconvienent!
(See my signature below)

03-18-2001, 11:54 AM
Glyco needs a life too! They should open a bank now that is only open certain hours because the employees go home or something.

03-18-2001, 11:58 AM

03-18-2001, 12:02 PM
The guy who sells mine bombs

03-18-2001, 12:15 PM
A bank would be cool, but let's place it between the Sparring arena & the bomy Pinball place.

Let the Bankers (named Chester & Lynett) have hours 8 AM - 3 PM (like some banks IRL have) or 8 AM - 5:30 PM (if you prefer Credit Union hours) on weekdays & 7:30 AM - 12:00 PM on Saturday. (Sundays would be closed)

There could be an overnight deposit box so people can deposit whenever they want, but can only withdraw during their hours.

Just an idea here!

03-18-2001, 12:36 PM
that would be cool, but where would the bankers sleep? in the vault?

03-18-2001, 12:53 PM
they could each have a small house right by the bank...

03-18-2001, 12:57 PM
Me and some other people will rob the bank :D

03-18-2001, 01:00 PM
lol. I would assasinate them all with my Bogen I have.

03-18-2001, 01:05 PM
I will craft them with my wooden hammer and make money out of their intestines!

03-18-2001, 01:28 PM
Actually, I was going to say that Glyco, since he's a zombie, should do some weird stuff like blow up his shop and take off his head before going to sleep.

03-18-2001, 06:16 PM
Originally posted by FatherDante
Actually, I was going to say that Glyco, since he's a zombie, should do some weird stuff like blow up his shop and take off his head before going to sleep.

Now that would be cool to see ^^

03-18-2001, 08:53 PM
I quit Graal!

03-18-2001, 08:54 PM
Just kidding. :D

03-18-2001, 10:32 PM
Oh boy, now Lycia is treating us to not just one pointless off topic reply, but two! Jump for joy!

03-19-2001, 11:33 AM
Its grand, isn't it?

03-19-2001, 11:42 AM
I'm quitting Graal right when my account expires... bye!

03-19-2001, 11:42 AM
Oh n/m... I guess I'll just reorder it! False Alarm! lol