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05-08-2002, 04:48 PM
Some comments plz....

05-08-2002, 04:50 PM
Arrggghhh! It could be just me but part of the roof at the back keeps looking a bit f*cked up. Its not meant to be like that..:grrr:

05-08-2002, 05:54 PM
Looks very nice, whats it for?
I dont know what you mean by the back of the roof looks screwed up cause it looks fine....

I like the walls and Windows the best

05-08-2002, 06:41 PM
Looks very nice, good job :)

05-08-2002, 09:56 PM
Thats Nice... Good work:)

05-09-2002, 12:30 AM
Nice but looks a bit fammiliar!?

05-09-2002, 12:36 AM
Originally posted by Spark910
Nice but looks a bit fammiliar!?
That's the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the picture.

05-09-2002, 02:14 AM
Looks good.

Xerphier Dintch
05-09-2002, 02:17 AM
Originally posted by Spark910
Nice but looks a bit fammiliar!?

I remember seeing the nearly or exact same thing in a New world screenshot I THINK.

05-09-2002, 02:28 AM
Make the outlines of the roof a dark yellow rather than black, and add some veriety to the roof tiles, its just one pattern after another, make like 5 other tiles for the top.

other than that, its really good.

05-09-2002, 04:39 PM
Ummm, if you think I copied these tile off New World or whatever I didn't. I mean its not like they're the only ones who ever thought of making tiles for a house that has a straw roof and all. Also, I know what you mean about the same tile for the roof, it does look pretty bung. To answer someone else's question, I made them because I'm bored and because I haven't had a LAT job on a server for ages so I have nothing to do with my spare time but make random levels and gfx tiles ...*hint, hint*...someone...;)

05-10-2002, 04:08 AM
I like it, but if it's a straw roof, its looks a big to... umm... speckley? To me it does anyway... Make the tiles have kind of a grain to it, also make hole tiles for in the roof, and chimney tiles! :-X