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05-06-2002, 09:02 AM
Hey all, we are looking for graphics people on an up and coming Graal server project These talented level and nat folks have over two years of Graal experince. If you remember the early days of Sanstrata, before the hacking and bad staff, you remmeber cool levels and fun quests and a great environment. Well, Sanstrata is gone, and we are back to the drawing board again! For screen shots see http://www.figmentcode.com/praxis/

the story so far:

In a far away place in a time not as long ago as you would think, the world of Argos was in a place of battles over the best tracts of land. Kingdoms rose and fell, castles were rasied up, attacked, and torn away, like the leaves of a tree kings and sodliers grew, flourished for moment, and then fell away.
A few years after the Great battle at Chardon, you find yourself in a town recovering from the war which all the kings lost their lives. With no real leaders of their own, diffrent towns, races and classes have risen in importance. Some rise for division against others unlinke themselves, while others find the value in diversity.

In fact, it is only by working with the other races and classes that you can pursue the quests to gain the trust of the village people, and advance in the social, political and miltary scale, perhaps to one day return to a new era of kings.Do you have what it takes to face dangers and battle evil monsters? As you learn of your own race and join other classes, what skills and powers can you find and master ? Can you convince the townspeople of your ability to lead them to a new reign of order? What other advantures lie in story for you ....

Just think of what kinds of cool graphics you could do for that!
email samples to [email protected] (Prozac)

Hope to year from you soon!

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I am not cool enough to join this very cool server :(