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03-28-2002, 05:31 AM
this it tiki'
im just posting because recently ive been getting like 40000 pm's asking for huge events

1 ) unless there are over 30 people on, im not going to host an event

2 ) ill hold any event you want, if your willing to pay the prize money, if not, i hold what i want

3 ) if i tell you i dont want to hold an event, dont get all of your friends to pm me asking for the event

4 ) when your in one of my events, i make the rules.

5 ) if im not on tag and you want an event, feel free to ask

6 ) im not going to hold a 1k event just because your poor and im not

: P
thats all for now

03-28-2002, 10:11 AM
Originally posted by vsignasv
I tried to type H I T L E R but it blanked it out
thats one of the "nono" words... you might wann delete that

03-28-2002, 10:20 AM
Hey thats cool. What other words does it blank out?

03-28-2002, 10:38 AM
Originally posted by MrCharles
Hey thats cool. What other words does it blank out?

Well it blanks out ****, ******, and also even ********

03-28-2002, 10:39 AM
Delete what? :)

04-09-2002, 12:36 PM
r a g a n r o k