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05-06-2001, 04:44 PM
hi, I am working on something and I need to change the map to view it correctly. I use the command

"if (playerenters) {setmap thtmap.png,thtmap.txt,1.5,3.8}"

yet literally nothing happens, even though I made a map text file with the generator, and a map my pressing "M" in the level generator. Well, I suppose the text file is being loaded properly then, but the map isn't displaying differently.

05-06-2001, 09:29 PM
does it save a completely black picture on the image? cause it is for me

05-06-2001, 11:55 PM
that same thing happens for me so I have to open it up in an art program then save it as a .gif... then from the gif I drag it into the giftomng program and that makes it is png that graals map reads. That is what I have to do to make it work

05-07-2001, 05:57 AM
nevermind, I fixed it.
It's caused by the map being made in full color instead of 256 color when you make it with the editor.

05-07-2001, 07:22 AM
trueheat, how u do that

05-07-2001, 03:20 PM
a good paint progam that i would suggest is NeoPaint.....its really cool and can edit most images......even png..........

its shareware.....but you still have full access even after the 30days are up........you just get those annoying reminders.......

05-08-2001, 07:21 AM
where i get it