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02-05-2002, 05:16 AM
okay, i have once again another complaint about valikorlia, oly this time, it's more of a recap as to why they're pissing me off.

these people are NOT original, crono. they're just stealing things left and right, and literally saying that no one can do a damn to stop them. it isn't ****ing fair. i mean, even the smallest things they're taking, because they're so bloody unoriginal.

i'll make a list:

1) The RPG maker graphics. yes, they removed them, but the playerworld pass rules say that having stolen copyrighted things is an mmedeate fail. They removed them, and have been let off.

2) Tyne's *Sword NPC. Yes, I know, it's just an NPC, but the fact of the matter is tyne put "Copyright Tyne, do not take without permission!" in the scripting, and yet they've used it anyway, despite the fact that Tyne has also multiple times told them not to. Why should they be allowed to do it? If they were taking scripts from p2p servers, they'd get in trouble, wouldn't they? It's practically the same thing. They're taking someone else's idea withotu permission, and are just ignoring any pleads for them to get their own ****ing ideas.

3) Vermain told me that they're using Graal2001 graphics now. I haven't gone to check for myself, because they banned my Kamuii_Bomy account for "direspecting the server and graal", as the comment says. Funny, all I was doing was mass messaging flaws. Since when is that a bannable offense, and since when does that insult all of Graal? Anyway, I don't know if they are indeed using Graal2001 gfx, or if they were still are, but that's also an immedeate fail, isn't it?

4) Now, I know this one seems very silly to most, but those of you who are RPers out there will understand why I'm pissed off about THIS one:

Drakaden, one of their staff members, has recreated the RolePlaying guild called the Cat Burglars, which was a guild that Jackal made a long time ago on Val when I was still the owner, that he and I had loads of fun Rping in. We let Kaddar and my friend IRL join, and we roamed about RPing as a gang of thieving cats that pissed off farmers regularly. This was great fun; an original RPing idea made and led by good RPers. Now, when I left Graal for a month or two in roder to move to England (no computer), I expected to come back to Graal with the same people in the cat burglers, and do some fun Rping with them again. Instead, I came back tos ee a huge gang of cat burglers, and Drakaden ruining the whole idea behind it by giving them crappy and cheap as hell NPCs, and this gigantic fortress of a hideout. It pissed me off, so I left them. Shortly after, they dissappeared. Now, suddenly, the wouldbe Valikorlia has brought them back, and my only guess is they're as stupid as the time Drak started taking over. I asked Calin to tell him (quite nicely, too. i'll show you the log.) to at least change the name of the guild or something, because itis NOT his original RPing idea, and it's Jackal's. He has no right to bring them back without his permission. I remember it took me absoulutely ages to get the RuneKnights back into Valikorlia, before I was owner, because Drakaden said they weren't mine to deal with. How hypocriticle.

As I said, reason #4 as to why val pisses me off may seem trivial to non-Rpers, or even to some RPers, but to me it isn't. I hate the fact that they can't think of a single damn idea for themselves, and have to steal ideas from everywhere, and GET AWAY WITH IT.

I think something needs to be done. I'm not particularly bothered about reason #4. It's reasons 1, 2 and 3 that show Valikorlia's stupidity.

02-05-2002, 05:19 AM
here is the log between calin and Drakaden, where calin asks him what I said:

King Gwydion Chryshalis Xanthica (Valikorlia) (2/4/02 4:51:24 PM):
malak asks that you rename the cat burglars because their not your idea they were his

King Gwydion Chryshalis Xanthica (Valikorlia) (2/4/02 4:51:32 PM):
err jackals

Kiltrick The Grumpy (Cat Burglar) (2/4/02 4:51:50 PM):
Malak can piss off for what i care about him, it,s not even copy righted

King Gwydion Chryshalis Xanthica (Valikorlia) (2/4/02 4:53:31 PM):
he said its not yours, you cant just use it like that

Kiltrick The Grumpy (Cat Burglar) (2/4/02 4:53:53 PM):
He can try anything he wants, he can,t do a thing

King Gwydion Chryshalis Xanthica (Valikorlia) (2/4/02 4:54:47 PM):
CalinRubeusGraal: he said you can't do a thing about it
clowN cAr Haheha: i know i can't, but he can be a decent ****ing person and just stop it. im not asking him anything big.

Kiltrick The Grumpy (Cat Burglar) (2/4/02 4:55:08 PM):
because i should be nice to a **** ass?

02-05-2002, 05:21 AM
Take the bastards down.

02-05-2002, 06:04 AM
Wow...this new val is very crappy. How the hell do these crappy PWs get up? Or in this case, how the hell does a classic, legend of a server go bad? New Management, and Stefan, thats how.

Crono Illusion
02-05-2002, 06:26 AM
I want them down, too.
They bypassed me and our department completely, and therefore I had no influence on failing them (which would've been done had stefan not allowed them to be on "HIGH PRIORITY", also known as not being evaluated at all by anyone and put online no matter how shitty they are.)

In a perfect world, they would've never gone up, and I'd have the ability to close playerworlds.

02-05-2002, 06:31 AM
Originally posted by Crono Illusion

In a perfect world

We'd have old Val back. This ain't Val.