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05-05-2001, 04:07 AM
Okay everyone, riddle me this...

List one thing you would REMOVE from Graal 2001 and WHY

List one thing you would CHANGE in Graal 2001 and WHY

List one thing you would ADD to Graal 2001 and WHY

I'll post my answers once this thread gets 4 responses! (so that nobody steals my answers!)

05-05-2001, 04:42 AM
I would remove having to pay for keys & houses.

I would add a free way for money.

I would change the pirate ship so it moves.

05-05-2001, 05:26 AM
I would remove the lamers (eg Dark Loctus)
I would add quests
I would change fishing

05-05-2001, 05:26 AM
Add baking.
Change Police.
Delete ET.

05-05-2001, 05:39 AM
1) I'd change the administrative policy (Mostly I'd change how much administrative power players can actually get)

2) I'd remove all the lazy admins (if that includes wiping them all off my plate, I'd do it anyway and then hold job interviews)

3) And finally, I'd add Cow Quest, because it's been sitting at its desk quietly and patiently with its hand raised. Oh yeah, and it's also a quest. Hopefully, it's not the only one waiting for uploading.

05-05-2001, 05:54 AM
I would remove the ability of players to keep horses inside of their houses. IT ISN'T FAIR! They go around grabbing all of the horses and hoarding them inside of their house and now it is very hard to find a horse.

I would change the NPC server to where it would accept commands to change your clothing colors without having to walk all the way back to the clothing house.

I would add a bank of some sort or something similar because the NPC near the castle can only hold 200.

05-05-2001, 08:32 AM
I would do a staff wipe, and then rebuild from the bottom up. Making it very very clear what everyones job is, and then hire people to watch over them.

Guess that covers one and two...

I would add a way for everyone to be able to own their own house. I don't think it is right that so many people are poor, and others are rich and most of the rich people have money because bugs and corrupt staff.

05-05-2001, 08:38 AM
Remove lazy admins.
Add more different coloured horses.
Change the water.

Crono Illusion
05-05-2001, 08:42 AM
Remove corrupt/useless staff, including ET
Add at least 3 or 4 quests
Change the economy.

05-05-2001, 02:36 PM
good ideas everyone. anyone else?

05-05-2001, 07:14 PM
I'd also do a gralat/NPCW reset.

05-06-2001, 12:44 AM
Remove corrupt staff and stupid people (i.e. IcePick)
Some starting money
Add more fun yet simple NPCWs

05-06-2001, 09:22 AM
I'm with you on the fun NPCs :)

05-07-2001, 08:54 AM
I would ADD some way to earn money without having any money necessary to do this. To those just starting, it would be a great asset - you can always get money if you need it.

I would CHANGE some of the layout. Right now there's a lot of empty space on the 2k1 server that can effectively be used, but isn't.

I would REMOVE some of the gelats from richer players, to make things more fair. Sure, there may be people that earned their hoard legitamately but from what I've heard, this isn't true in most cases.