View Full Version : Drag Racing?

10-15-2001, 12:01 PM
When I thought go-karts, Drag Racing popped into my mind. Drag racing would be very fun. There can be teams of like 5 ppl and have their own car in a garage with a team logo and stuff. There can be stands out next to the track. I think it'd be very easy to make but I am not very good at level making or NPCs. Also there should be go-kart teams and since theres football,soccer etc there should be baseball. Is my drag racing a good idea?

10-15-2001, 12:07 PM
You have obviously been watching The Fast and the Furious.

Good job! ;)

10-15-2001, 12:15 PM
I already suggested that SOO LONG ago to Lycia! But her fat ass said "Not a good idea, People could get hurt" ARG! I LOVE FAST AND THE FURIOUS!!!

10-15-2001, 12:19 PM
fast and the furious was the best ever, but i wish the train at the ending would have hit both of them that would have rocked

10-15-2001, 12:24 PM
I want a "Tek-9" and be a Japanese persone and get your parents money and go do drive by's on people! (That was the sweetist part!)

10-15-2001, 05:04 PM
where is the track