View Full Version : Unholy Nation General Development Hirings!!

12-15-2015, 10:11 PM
Hello my fellow Graalians!! Unholy Nation is looking for Developers and you could be very well what this server needs! At this very moment UN is working hard to go Facebook but needs more dedicated developers - particularly LATs (Levels Team). However, we also do need more other Developers such as NATs (Scripting Team), GATs (Graphics Team), and possibly the Gani Team.

For those that have no idea or need to be refreshed on how to apply, simply pm our NPC-Server the following:

latapp (For Levels Team)
natapp (For Scripting Team)
gatapp (For GFX Team)
ganiapp (For Ganis)

Also, feel free to message the following staff members if you have any questions, Jave Cross (Manager), Stowen (Scripting Team Admin), Rob (Global Administrator)

-Sinceryly, The Unholy Nation Staff Team