View Full Version : Forest Island Update

01-20-2015, 05:40 AM
Forest Island updated on 1/19/2015

+Roads on the entire south half of the island were completely redone
- Removed the giant gash in the terrain entirely that was supposed to be a river concept.
+Fish are now scattered around the island, a few spots are better fishing then others.
+A player town has been added to the east side of the island.
+ Moved a few things around like trees and the norther boat builder.
+ Seaside has a Lumber mill now.
+ Cleaned up alot of the coastline to have beaches and more reasonable terrain.
+ Cleaned up many of the steep and jagged terrain issues.

Next update I will eventually work on will be to work on interior buildings.
Should you have any suggestions that I might be able to do, feel free to bring it up.