View Full Version : Gui Multiline Text Links

01-25-2014, 04:16 PM
Is there a way to take the underline off of links with the html tags in a GUI Multiline? I've tried so many things now....

with and without quotes below
WindowText.addtext("<font color=white style='text-decoration:none;'><a href=blank>Hello</a></font>");

WindowText.addtext("<font color=white text-decoration=none><a href=blank>Hello</a></font>");

WindowText.addtext("<font color=white text-decoration:none><a href=blank>Hello</a></font>");

with and without quotes below
WindowText.addtext("<font color=white><span style='text-decoration:none'><a href=blank>Hello</a></span></font>");

WindowText.addtext("<font color=white><span text-decoration:none><a href=blank>Hello</a></span></font>");

WindowText.addtext("<font color=white><span text-decoration=none><a href=blank>Hello</a></span></font>");

None of these worked. Putting a span in front of the link actually just disabled the link as well...