View Full Version : Calling all scripters!

Fidel Castro
05-31-2013, 12:33 AM
Hello all. With the undertaking of many new projects while trying to finish some up at the current moment, it has come to my/the staff's attention that some more scripters may be of use to us. I know you guys are hard to come by, but if you're at all interested in working for Era and think you could help out, please apply :). I'd like to have one scripter working on event-related issues/dev, one working on bug fixes, glitches, etc, and however many for projects that we have underway/on our list to do. These can sometimes mesh together if needed, we can see how that goes.

Please complete the application below and send it to me in a FORUM PM. If for some reason that doesn't work let me know and we can arrange for you to e-mail it to me.

The application is as follows:

When would you take advantage of using a class?

Have you ever worked for any Graal server? If yes, What was your position and what did you accomplish? How did it help the server? Why don't you work there any more?

Do you have any examples of your work? If so, use pastebin.com to upload them and paste the links here:


If you could make one script on Era, what would you make? (Bonus points: How would you make it? -steps, not script-)

What do you know about Era's scripts? Event system? (Optional)

If you have any comments put them here:


Please note: We will be checking ban history. If you must explain your history for any reason, please do so in the comment section above.

All applications will be looked over by a scripter.

If you have any questions, please forward them to myself, BlueMelon, or Sage. We can all be reached via in game PM/mail or Forum PM.