View Full Version : Quest Bug

06-11-2012, 11:29 PM
So i started playing Zodiac the other day and i went to do the first quest located in the OSL i think the quest givers name is Cyrus. I accepted the quest to obtain 4 bones from the baby liches. I did so and came back right clicked him again but it just said "Accept Quest" or Decline i checked my inventory to make sure i had 4 and i did so i tapped Accept Quest a few times and nothing happened so about 60 bones later it still didnt work. I asked a more experienced player and she said it was probably bugged. So i went to try and do a quest located a bit South-East of the OSL which required me to Kill 25 baby liches. I went and killed well over 30-40 baby liches and when i came back it did the same thing as the first quest. I went around trying to accept quest but they all did the same so i gave up. Not sure if im doing something wrong or my Client is bugged or what.