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05-08-2012, 04:23 PM
Kingdom Spar Tournament
May 2012

Think youíre top dog of youíre kingdom? Of the server? Nowís your chance to prove it Governor Zeltino, King Nico, and I have agreed to put our ruthless warriors into a bracketed spar tournament to see who really reigns supreme in the spar arena.

As of this thread being posted registration has opened, please contact your kingdom leader to be bracketed in to each kingdoms 8-Man Bracket (Due to short notice Iím going to keep this months pool small, will expand next month given whatever activity we see 8 16 32 etc..).

Once bracket is full and completed, it will have until the last Monday starting a full week (May 21st) to be completed. This time is selected to make sure there is ample time for the finals.

Tournament is a single elimination type tournament that consists of best out of 3 to move on. Meaning whoever wins twice moves on. Final 4 will consist of best of 5 matches, meaning you need win 3 to win.

Upon completion of each kingdom bracket there will be a 1st place winner, this first place winner gains an automatic bid into the championship final 4. As of now due to Samuraiís inactivity if they fail to produce an 8 man active bracket, I will be taking the 3 2nd place winners of each kingdom to compete in a 1v1v1 Free-For-All to grab the 4th seed in the championship final 4. Upon getting the top 4 seeds, they will be randomly paired for battle.

All kingdom spars are to be moderated by either the ruler of each kingdom, or by other king approved member/s. Any spars involving 2 separate Kingdoms must have a moderator from each participating kingdom, for fairness and honesty. All spars will be located in the Bomboria dueling arena, unless I could some how gain access to Hotaru Dojo, a personal EM or something of the like to make it a closed atmosphere.

Spars will be melee only, no bows, crossbows, blow tubes, magic, prayer, or scrolls. Only prayer allowed being pre-spar holy possession.

No healing, no running, no prayer if caught praying automatic D/Q. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The prize for the winner is yet to be decided, there will be prizes given to 1st 2nd and 3rd place, there will be a match between the losers of the championship final 4 matches to determine 3rd place.

All in all Iím hoping this event can be successful with activity and will give people some entertainment in competition. Given if this is successful, Iíd like to expand the tournaments into bigger 16/32 man pools for each kingdom. Iíd also like to be able to host Tag Team Tournaments, as well as Magic and Bow Spar tournaments so if you think youíre the man on Graal Kingdoms, nowís the time to prove it.

Below is an image attached for the kingdom leaders, it is an 8-man bracket. Upon completion of registration send me a Forum PM of the full bracket with 8 people, and then also send me the bracket when itís completed with every match shown by May 21st, so that the Finals have enough time to be adequately finished without rush.

05-08-2012, 11:48 PM
Sounds like fun!

I hope that these matches can be held in Hotaru.

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05-09-2012, 10:11 AM
Sounds like fun!

I hope that these matches can be held in Hotaru.

We will make that happen no worries.