View Full Version : Set body colors in the Serveroptions

02-17-2012, 10:22 PM
Servers should be able to set an own colors "template" in the Serveroptions. Yet we have 5 colors which must be used to be able to change the bodies colors without any additional scripting.
My request would be that playerworlds could change that in the Serveroptions and maybe add more colors. It could look like this:

UseOwnColors = boolean
colors[0]=red, green, blue
colors[1]=red, green, blue
colors[2]=red, green, blue
colors[3]=red, green, blue
colors[4]=red, green, blue
colors[5]=red, green, blue
colors[6]=red, green, blue
colors[7]=red, green, blue

You could use commands like (for NPCs) this.colors[7] = red; or (for players) player.colors[7] = blue;. That way bodies like this one
could get changed completely or servers with a complete new body style with more shadings could be able to set different body colors without having the image uploaded several times for different colors.

Here is an example setting for the rainbowed body:
UseOwnColors = true
colors[0]= 64, 64, 64 //gray
colors[1]= 255, 106, 0 //orange
colors[2]= 182, 255, 0 //lightgreen
colors[3]= 0, 255, 33 //neon green
colors[4]= 0, 255, 255 //cyan
colors[5]= 0, 38, 255 //blue
colors[6]= 178, 0, 255 //darkpurple
colors[7]= 255, 0, 110 //pink
colors[8]= 206, 24, 41 //shoes
colors[9]= 255, 173, 107 //skin

The usage could be like

player.colors[0] = red;
player.colors[1] = blue;
player.colors[2] = black;
player.colors[3] = white;
player.colors[4] = pink;
player.colors[5] = darkpurple;
player.colors[6] = gray;
player.colors[7] = orange;
player.colors[8] = darkblue;
player.colors[9] = green;

Which would have the example body looking like this: