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02-01-2012, 01:09 PM
Im looking for 2-4 Gats to fill the graphics team here.
The apps pretty simple download it from below and
send it to my email or over AIM.

AIM: Slaytoda
Email: [email protected]

hope to hear from some of you soon :)
- Epica

09-11-2012, 11:30 AM
This has been updated. See the following link. http://forums.delteria.net/threads/121-Graphics-Application-Information

09-13-2012, 07:38 PM
I apologize for just noticing this now, but a player brought to attention that he was somehow unable to register for an account on Delteria forums. For whatever reason that may be, for easy and accessibility, I shall post it here as well.

Information: All decisions upon these applications will be done only by me and the Asst. GFX Admin (Vacant). Bothering other admins to be hired will not be tolerated as well as pestering if your Application has been reviewed. You will recieve a reply upon your Application whether or not you have been hired. There will be no MULTI-SERVER graphics designers on the team. Delteria is a prestigious server in a heavy state of development and unless you are willing to commit all of yourself into helping to build this server then please don't even bother applying. Thank you. The following information is how you could possibly become a part of the GFX Team.

The Team: Maximum of 5 Artists
1 Vacancy

Minimum Requirements:
1) Knowledge of RC and its operations
2) Enough free time to finish at least 1 Assignment per Week. (Failure to produce at LEAST one thing will result in loss of position. There will be others glad to fill in your shoes.)
3) Positive Motivation

The Application: Two Easy Steps
1) Given the following shapes, color and shade to the best of your ability. Lines may be added inside but altering the outer shape is not allowed. Goals are to make it stick out using your shading abilities! You have the freedom to determine the angle of your light source! Filename: shapes.png

2) Given the following color set (USE ONLY THIS COLOR SET), create a front view of any creature/monster using only the colors provided. (If selected on the team, your work will be used as a part of Delteria's baddies!) Size, shape, etc. all depend on you. Use your judgement in determining how big it will be compared to Graal players. File: colors.png

GFX Admin: [email protected]
GFX Asst. Admin: Vacant

Final Comments:
If your application has been declined, do not be troubled! For you can always resubmit your application! Critiques, advice, comments, and help will be given in the reply email. Any further questions or if you need help and want to learn, feel free to email me. Open Door Policy, so take advantage of it!

Best of Luck,
GFX Team

10-24-2012, 08:40 AM
No longer hiring. The GFX Team is now ultimate.

Sandz and Zerith combo rises once again.