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Mark Sir Link
11-04-2011, 05:39 AM
People are asking me to be more open with development plans so I'm going to write some lengthy material here.

By this weekend a pretty big decision will be made regarding a big part of what's being done on Unholy Nation Dev, but in terms of the actual substance that's coming it won't matter much. The idea being bounced around is to not scrap the current overworld but replace quests one at a time with repeatable quests with loot tables with specific rare hats and items themed specifically to that dungeon. This way, we don't have to go through the hassle of resetting the current economy and items, because from my experience on Classic, taking away hearts/sword power that players already have to make them re-earn it is pretty boring. The first time a player completes a given quest, if they don't have the appropriate reward (heart, sword, shield, etc), they will automatically be awarded that reward. On subsequent completions, players will earn a combination of money, a chance at rare items and hats (and they're really rare, like 1% drop rate).

The goal for what we're doing is to shift away from everything being in the hands of an ET or whoever else starting and maintaining whatever players are currently focused on, and quests are only one way of achieving that. We're going to make some major changes very soon (as in no later than November 21st but likely much sooner) in regards to how hat purchasing works. I don't want to get into specifics to avoid speculation and causing people to begin overcharging for hats to take advantage of fear tactics, but it will become vastly easier to obtain the hats you want from this point forward. At this point we understand a lot more about the market and don't want all of the power to be exclusively in the hands of players. Some people might be upset at how hat prices might feel regulated from this point forward but in the cases of hats specifically (not all items), we want to make them much more obtainable and accessible since they're a big feature for one of Graal's arguably biggest features - customization.

The progress on the being able to form event lobbies on your own to play private events with friends for wagered EP and G has been set back significantly from where I'd have liked it to be, and it stems from one of the biggest issues of juggling staff (doing what's best for the server vs doing what you want), but it has been moved up the pipeline considerably and should be available no later than Dec 12th. I won't promise all existing events will be available immediately since it will require significant re-writes to a new standard and system, but the most popular events will be ready at that time.

Quests are a different beast to work on and I'm open to hiring designers - if players feel they have unique concepts, thoughts, etc, I am open to hiring them or compensating them regardless of lack of development skill. Designers are important in most games but Graal typically has none, or developers double as designers. Where UN is at now a decade after opening reflects on how well that worked out. The nature of creating these compared to other systems is much different in terms of scope, thought process, and who needs to work on them.

A big improvement to sparring is planned for the New Year (Jan 16th at latest) and we're open to all sorts of suggestions on how to improve the rewards gained from this. However, we need to scale the rewards in some reasonable way. Saying the top 1% of sparrers should get some super awesome prize means only 1 or 2 people get it, and it's hard to justify development time on rewards for only 2 people to get them. This is is an area where there's a lot of room for improvement, but the basics shouldn't fail to satisfy either I'd hope, namely just a spar room and a leaderboard.

As always we're open to taking suggestions.

11-04-2011, 06:04 AM
I really like this new direction you're choosing to take, Imo it's a nice way of making items more accessible to more players without ruining the current player status. So kudos to you! Also if you're having a problem with designing quests and coming up with some original quest mechanics and such I recommend playing through some classic gameboy games or something along those lines. Take the ideas from those games, give them a new twist and apply them in some kinda way that makes the quest both challenging yet achievable.

Anyway I really like this new direction, i'm looking forward to seeing the results of this change in direction.