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09-24-2011, 08:47 PM
So I just renewed my server. And looking to get started on it again. It will be a war/PK based server. As it is the only thing I really find fun for me to actually play (after I develop it) anymore.

So, anyways. I'm starting on this project immediately and going to do so on the server name "Wasted". (Will soon be Dev Arch_Angel)

If you do not know I am a all around developer, with my most talent being in the graphics field. I feel I'm pretty knowledgeable in every field though, to say the least. But as for the server aim, we are still deciding exactly where to go. But for now, it currently stands as is:

Some info on the server
Logging on for the first time, you enter a training course. This course takes you through all the basic functions of the game, some game modes that will be available, and some items/assets you will want to focus on throughout your time playing on the server.

Once the course has been completed you will then be taken to the Game Warden who lets you choose from 1 of 3 weapons. Once you do so, he will ask you to step through the portal to take you to the games lobby. In this lobby, there will be an ongoing battle. Lasting freely, all day every day. You can form self-made squadrons to team up on people, or just solo for some fun/kills. I know what you're probably thinking...kill after kill after kill HAS to get boring... Well then this server isn't for you. I know quite a few people who rather enjoy idling around OSL and talking to people, then coming in the grounds to rack up kills for one reason. The STATS. Bragging rights. I could PK for hours on end, especially if we threw in some benefits to it. Which will be things like level/rank up's, different bullet types to help advance your playing style (such as bullet speed +10%, bullet dmg+10%, bullet crit +5%, etc) Keep in mind these numbers are random for the moment, but thats the idea of it. Each gun you have, you will be able to buy bullet types for it (yes you will have to re-buy those bullet types for the new guns you get in the future). Weapons damage will be random within a range (such as 12-16) and will have rank requirements to wield. There will be many more assets that are gun related, and hopefully will be able to make them customizable to your character. Such as different colors, or barrel types. Maybe diff mag types, things of that nature.

Anyways! Other games will be held every 30-90 minutes for players, without a battle master being on to host anything. Game types will not be released, but I'm sure you should have the idea of what most will evolve around. Two types of currency will be the aim in this game. One being dog tags (which you get simply from killing people.) These are used to buy guns from underground traders who are for some reason obsessed with dog tags, rather than their high powered explosive machines. The other will be coins. These will be harder to obtain in large numbers, and are very valuable. These can be won in events, doing random small tasks around the OSL, or setting out on battle missions to complete for that day. Such as killing XX players, being able to survive for XX mins in the grounds w/o dying, getting a 10 kill streak etc.... Each will have its own reward. Consider these Quests/Missions, but in a more modern form. Coins will be used to buy some minor perks for certain games, buying a permanent squad to participate in squad games and be in the squad server rank listings. Showing combined stats of the best squads out there. More things will be added to buy with the coins, all in good time.

I'm leaving out a lot, but you can see we have some sort of a base to work with for now. This is our goal, and we will be working hard to obtain it. We would like to hear any ideas you have that would be fun or cool. Even if it was inspired by anything I've said, or if its an altered version of something I've mentioned.

Thanks for all the help in advance, and looking forward to you dropping by.

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09-24-2011, 08:49 PM