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09-20-2011, 05:50 PM
How does it work?
You pick ten premade dungeon rooms, then combine them randomly in a grid to create a theoretically infinite dungeon. A dungeon room has either monsters, treasure, a trap, something special, or nothing. You create a new random dungeon instance for every party and delete it when the party dies or escapes. Death is permanent and escaping the dungeon forfeits your character.
You change characters like you change socks, but you get some permanence through unlocking new character roles and stuff like that.
You start out in a town where you select your character role by speaking to an NPC representing your chosen role. The same thing applies to races once you have some unlocked. In the town you can also form a party to go dungeoneering with.
Once you enter the Dungeon, the aim of the game is to collect as much loot as possible before something inevitably kills you.

Exploring the dungeon.
You don't regenerate over time; you regenerate per dungeon room explored or when you gain experience levels. Monster rooms act like a regular Graal RPG in that you walk around and hit things, but low level monsters are automatically defeated by the party. If your character role have special combat abilities they can be used a limited number of times only, which are regenerated when you enter the next unexplored room. Trap rooms either cheap shots you with their effects right away, or provide a skill game to give you a chance to dodge the trap.
There are also treasure rooms, boss rooms, secret rooms, locked rooms, shop rooms, and rooms with race/role unlocks in them.
Further, there is no inventory; only your currently equipped weapons and a number representing loot. This is to reduce exhaustive coding for the developers and to reduce exhaustive inventory management for the players.

There are daily, monthly, and all time scoreboards. Score is the same as loot.

Flavour text.
Adventurers are people who search the world for treasure and fame. You are an adventurer. You are about to enter a vast underground dungeon known simply as "the Dungeon". According to the best scientists, the Dungeon was built by an ancient civilization, or possibly wizards.
Outside the dungeon's entrance is the town of Outokumpo, whose economy is based around the flow of loot from the dungeon.

Character roles.
Warrior is the character role that kills stuff. They can detect monsters in nearby rooms if they are of the same level or less than the warrior.
Thieves can detect traps and unlock locks that are the same level or less than the thief. Also, by traps I don't mean weak hunting equipment; think rolling boulders and poisoned spiky pits; stuff that kills you or injects deadly poison. Thieves also have an Escape ability which lets you escape from deadly monsters or traps, but you escape in a random direction into a new room and risk entering a second deadly encounter.
Medics increase regeneration. They can revive party members back to 5% health.

That is all. It's very vague but I figure you can flesh out the details as you go along.

09-20-2011, 05:58 PM
Love it! Would love to play it. Unique, individual and sounds like a whole lot of fun. Well done.

09-21-2011, 03:18 AM
While it sounds interesting, it might get very dull after awhile. It would basically lead to the same type of raids on the same but different lay out dungeon. You could make it very diverse but without an inventory the characters would be limited to the same two or three moves/attacks/detect trap/heal/etc., and the player doesn't build a lasting character that could be relied on.

It would be interesting if you could build a character up and take to a battle ground where you place groups of players on teams and give objectives, which depending on the objective could use the skills gained in the dungeon. You could make it as simple as a team deathmatch type of objective or an assault type objective, and if the player dies at any point they would have to start over, if that's what the kicker of the server would be. But I would get tired of having to go through the same process to build the character and continue playing over and over.

It just seems that this would make a better side quest or game to a server rather that being the main focus.

I hope this was helpful,