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Samurai began to appear as a small, flat knoll on the horizon. As the shouts of the crewmembers confirmed that it was indeed land ahead, Reiko smiled and tears of joy began to fall down her cheeks. She stood near the bow, clutching the railing alone, as her sleeves and skirts blew about in the wind.
It has almost been 8 years since she has stepped on her homeland and she had been homesick. Reiko Miyamoto had left to be married to Kureno Yuki, who was in line to the throne of the Dustari kingdom. They had ruled Dustari for some years before tragedy struck when their youngest son was kidnapped and wasn’t found, after years of searching, until a couple of years ago. They had given up their rule to rescue him and ended up settling down at the island of Zormite. And now after the defeat of the previous Emperor of Samurai, Reiko Miyamoto-Yuki was coming back as Empress. Her desires to see her native land, her birthright, become the greatest empire, even greater than the reign of her mother, Nayoko Miyamoto, was burning in her heart. Her thoughts were interrupted as one of her ladies-in-waiting came up to her and bowed.
“Milady, the captain has informed us, we’ll be making landfall in a few hours. Shall we help you prepare?”
“Yes. I will be on my way down in a few moments. Thank you, Daenia.”
Reiko smiled as the young girl walked away, stepping carefully around the busy crewmembers. She herself, then turned back towards the approaching land. She stared at it a few moments, trying to recognize any familiar landmark but the distance and the sun’s glare reflecting off the crystal blue water made it difficult to distinguish anything besides the green land itself.
Later, Reiko walked into her cabin where her ladies had set up a hot bath for her. They helped her out of her travel-stained dress and into the water, where she laid there; soaking in the warmth of it before she let her ladies wash her. After her hair was washed and scented with lavender and roses, she stepped out, drying herself with a huge towel. The ladies then oiled and perfumed her skin making it glisten. They slipped her into fresh underclothes and into a long white dress. Her hair was brushed and put into an up do style with two golden hair pins placed in the back. The pins had cascading jewels hanging from the top ends that when the sun or light hit, they made crystal patterns behind her. They painted her lips with a cherry lip balm and slipped her feet into black leather shoes. As they finished, they began to feel the boat slow; the frenzy of the crewmembers told them that they were about to be docked in the port.
A knock was heard on the door and Daenia, went to open it for the captain who stepped in abruptly.
“Madam, we have docked and will have your belongings taken ashore after you have disembarked.” Captain Shigushi informed her as he wrung his hands nervously out of habit.
“Thank you, Captain Shigushi. We are ready to be received by the people as soon as we can.” Reiko exclaimed as she turned to her ladies. “Remember all that I have taught you about the customs of your new land and you will exceed. Today is the beginning of our great Empire, remember it well.”
They soon made it outside and saw the crowd that gathered around the docks of the small port city. Citizens, soldiers, and foreign visitors filled every space that was available. A cheer cried out as they spotted the Empress’s entourage making its way off the 3-mast galley, Empress’s Conqueror, and heading their directions. They approached slowly making their way to the platform that was made for Reiko’s reunion with her husband and the Zormite Army.
Reiko instantly caught a glimpse of her husband and family decked out in their armor and finery. The small group of soldiers that were leading Empress Reiko’s entourage soon stopped then parted, giving a small walkway for Reiko herself to walk through. She made her way slowly with her ladies following close behind, who were carrying baskets of flowers, favors and small coins to give out to the citizens in honor of the Empress. Reiko climbed the stairs then walked up to Kureno, giving him a short passionate kiss then embraced him as cheers broke out amongst the crowd. She embraced her sons with relief because she had feared for their lives and greeted Furochino, her brother in law, with a kiss on the cheek. Reiko stepped back, turning to her people as she stepped to the dais the rays of the sun flooded the port and highlighted all those on the platform.

~Hours Later~

Hear ye! Hear ye! On Thursday, May 12, all day we will be celebrating the victory of Zormite's takeover of Samurai. All Zormite and Samurai are invited to attend. I will be hosting events and hosting 3 feasts!

All will be located at Samurai Castle!

Feast of the Rising Sun: Will be at 11am Central time.
Feast of the Midday Sun: Will be at 5pm Central time.
Feast of the Setting Sun: Will be at 11pm Central time.

If you have any questions or suggestions please post on here.
Thank you,

Jotei Reiko Miyamoto-Yuki (Samurai)

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I'll be there.

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Can't wait, hun!

And I can't wait to see all our friends and family from Samurai and the Zormite Republic!

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I'm ready to OMNOMNOM some foods :)

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I will try to attend at least one of them. :)

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:) Yay!

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Gonna try my best to attend one of these :D
At least its not at 4:30am xD

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Is it illegal to cast burning hands in the vicinity of samurai castle

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Lol, look at Felix trying to be all cool, still. =]

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He is cool.

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Napkin is the coolest person on GK

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Sure acts like it.

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Sure acts like it.

Hail to the king baby!

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Lol. Insta-Reminded me of Duke Nukem.

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Lol. Insta-Reminded me of Duke Nukem.

Reminds me more of Bruce Campbell. ;)

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Reminds me more of Bruce Campbell. ;)