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05-07-2011, 02:55 AM
Alchemist for Hire!

This portion of the thread has been dead for a while....
Anyways; got tired of mass messaging so ill just post it here... If anyone reads it great! if not what ever :p

I Am Transmuting stuff for free for Dustari members only :)!

Allies of Dustari get a 50% discount
Neutral / Non kingdom members pay normal rates
Enemies pay tripple the asking price

My Rules/ Policies:
- Materials are your responsibility
- You are NOT charged for failed transmutations
- It's on my time; not yours
- Once the transmutations are successful; all sales are final; No refunds.
- Don't ask me for stats... a majority of the recipes and their stats have been posted on this forum... Please spend the effort by looking them up...
-Prices always fluctuate by the current market trends; just because you buy something at one price; does not mean it will be that price in say a month.

To see my current available recipes please PM me in game; or Forum PM me :) Since i am always obtaining new recipes; it makes little to no sense to keep updating this post :P

If you do forum pm me; put in the subject area "Recipes" so i can priorities the jobs :)!

*1 Price varies per Recipe...

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Ack! Comic Sans!

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:3 what would you suggest then?

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I'd prefer you put the "sans" in Comic Sans. :(

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I'd prefer you put the "sans" in Comic Sans. :(


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I'd prefer you put the "sans" in Comic Sans. :(

reminds me of mschat

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mk back on topic please xD!! :)!

06-10-2011, 05:28 AM
Known recipes:
balm of aethereality
balm of asbestos
balm of first aid
balm of flying
balm of insulation
balm of invisible to undead
balm of serpent
balm of transparency
balm of traveling
balm of warmth
blue yarn
bottle of philosophical oil
broad sword of Balor
brown yarn
cloak of minor protection
dust of Biren's mist
dust of clairvoyance
dust of concussion
dust of consuming wrath
dust of countermagic
dust of fright
dust of frost
dust of Ibn Gahzi
dust of ignition
dust of impenatrability
dust of madness
dust of night vision
dust of piercing vision
dust of repelling undead
dust of show enchantment
falchion of Poisoning
figurine of clay
full helmet of DianCecht
full helmet of Might
gauntlets of Leucetious
gauntlets of the Titans
gloves of bladed steel
gloves of Havok
golden yarn
healing potion
high shield of Deflection
ironbolt of Fire
ironbolt of Frost
ironbolt of Slay Dragon
pile of philosophical phosphorus
pile of philosophical salt
pile of philosophical sulphur
plate mail of Balor
potion of agility
potion of cure illness
potion of cure sickness
potion of firestorm
potion of health
potion of heroism
potion of might
potion of noxious fumes
potion of recuperation
potion of resist magic
potion of resist paralysis
potion of resist poison
potion of resist slow
potion of self knowledge
potion of sunfire
scale mail of Balor
scale mail of Protection
scimitar of Leucetious
small shield of Govannon
sword of Kragi
sword of Slay Ogre
water of diamond
water of emerald
water of pearl
water of ruby
water of sapphire
water of the wise
wooden arrow of Fire
wooden arrow of Magic
wooden arrow of Paralysis
wooden arrow of Slay Dragon
wooden bow of Auriga

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Dayum.. May need your services in the future.

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Ack! Comic Sans!

My first thought exactly, haha.

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Haters gonna hate

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Nice list you got there Memitim! Thanks for helping the community with your alchemy services.