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02-21-2011, 02:22 AM
You don't have to read this if you don't wish.

Graal, starting in 1998, has had an assortment of servers ranging from all types of genres. We have seen futuristic, modern, RPG, mid-evil, and our own definition of classic. Each server has brought us great memories whether as we were growing up, or just enjoying the experience as an adult. Yet, there is one thing we all can say, Graal was and for some of us, still is one of the highlights in our lives.

Today, the servers we experienced those cherished memories on are a shadow of their former selves. New faces, new directions, and different feels are all new attributes we have noticed about our slowly fading game. So the problem I have and I am sure a lot of us have, is the fact that we try to resurrect past servers, Delteria, N-Pulse, Maloria, Classic, G2k1, and a myriad of others. We don't actually aspire to create a new server but to bring back the memories we once had.

We need to realize that just because an old server is rejuvenated with new content, does not mean it will be the same as it once was. The new players, personalities, and different concepts ultimately alter the server and definitely changes the feel. The truth is, we can never go back to that state of tranquility that our memories remind us of. We need to stop trying to live in the past, and move into the future. Enough with trying to fix broken and desolate servers, use your creativity and develop a server that has not been seen, do what most people can't do today.

Sure, as long as you bring back an old server players will come. They will be there not for the new content, but for the nostalgia. After a few days they realize how terrible the server actually was, it wasn't the actual server that made it so great it was the community. Today, communities can still be developed but we need a new place to put them. We don't want these servers that have been used and abused and remade five times. We want developers to step up to the plate and make something new.

If that doesn't happen, we can all say we enjoyed our history with this game. Unfortunately iPhone servers seem to be the new direction, the sense of community will soon be gone, and replaced with a popularity contest. Or take this analogy, Graal PC is much like your 5th grade class, you practically know everyone there are few that are shy and you don't know but you aren't overwhelmed with people. Take iPhone servers as a decently big high school with thousands of players, there is really no way of even being tight with you whole class. I am just writing this to say things that have been said before, and will be said again. Its nothing new, but I just feel like wasting 10 minutes. Thanks

02-21-2011, 02:32 AM
You're right, but this is somewhat common knowledge among most of those that have been developing on the servers you have listed, so I don't see how this is relevant.
I don't think anybody is attempting to remake a server for purely nostalgic reasons, it has more to do with these servers already providing a platform, and so long as there's a plan and fresh ideas there's nothing wrong with that.

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Also unknown, congratulations on having a thought. Lot's of people have them, and I'm sorry to say you're simply restating something everyone knows and has an opinion about (it's actually been done debated in more intelligent threads than this one)

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Guess I'll work on that server I've been designing some more.

I hope to do y'all proud!

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yet, there is one thing we all can say, graal was and for some of us, still is one of the highlights in our lives.

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