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A tale of King Thaon Aldeborne

Three years had passed, since the daunting awakening of the Dark Lord-- known as Kvasir. What was once a peaceful and abundant land full of laughter and joy, is no more. Oppression, has become a state of familiarity. Peace, no longer remains. Hope, is a word that seems to have lost all meaning.

The on-going battle against the Dark Lord and his minions was a heavy burden on the kingdoms and its leaders. The Elven Forest kingdom and its overland were both overruled, as their elder Draxx Zakuto was unable to stand the test of time against the forces of darkness. The only thing that remains on the island of Forest, is utter silence.

The other four kingdoms were able to hold their ground; but time was short, and choices had to be made. Six months ago, the late Dustarian King-- King Nullify Drovia, was the only known survivor left after the most recent attack of Kvasir’s forces. With shield and sword in-hand, King Nullify made a choice for the greater good of the land; sailing to distant waters, and unknown parts of the world-- seeking new men and women willing to fight alongside him, in the battle for humanity.

The aggressive kingdom of Samurai had managed to stay strong during the catastrophic state of the over-world. Emperor Kato Katsumoto had been anxiously awaiting any word from the Dustarian King, but to no avail. This worried the Emperor greatly. Both the Emperor and Dustarian King were faithful members of the “Guardian Eight”; an organization of eight members from separate nations, devoted to keeping Kvasir sealed within the crypt. Emperor Kato climbed the great northern mountains to where the god of Ogma resided.

“Ogma, I seek your intervention. In order for the sun to rise strong in the east, it must first rest peacefully in the west. Whom of the remaining eight, is worthy of the Dustarian crown?” Ogma replied “The one you seek resides within your own kingdom. A man of great faith, who dares not touch a blade. The strength of his right fist alone will rise Dustari up from its rubble.” Emperor Kato knew that Ogma was speaking of his son, Muteki Katsumoto.

Muteki sensed that the timing of his reign was now. He packed up his belongings and embarked on a journey towards the land of Dustari. Along the way, Muteki was stopped by Ryan Eclipse-- a fish-like warrior, and member of the “Guardian Eight”. “Your burden is too heavy my friend, I can’t watch you do this on your own.” The two continue on their journey towards Dustari; leaving behind the name of their ancestors, and starting a new bloodline, to a new future.

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gave me the chills, you should be a story writer

edit: what about iSplash's reign

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not a fan of it cuz i hate dustari

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Cool story.

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edit: what about iSplash's reign


A tale of isplash

Death by coconut.

The End

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cool story bro, why aren't u a writer yet?

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tldr version please
whos new king of dustari

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Nice story.

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tldr version please
whos new king of dustari

Refer to thread title for tl;dr

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tldr version:King Conq is da King.

I just thought I'd write a quick little back-story to tie in me, a former samurai member, being chosen for King of Dustari of all the people that could have been. It's funny that you say it's too long though! I personally felt like I rushed it, and that it was far too short.

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being chosen for King of Dustari of all the people that could have been.

yea, the NPC-server almost took the crown

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yea, the NPC-server almost took the crown

I guess there wouldn't be an inactivity problem tho!

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y write stories about me?

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can auction crown pls

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can auction crown pls

'scuse me, ur sposed 2 b in far off land rite now.

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We all know the forums are the furthest from GK you can get! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!

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.... *hiss*!!!!

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Though it's kinda funny now that I've realised that there's a floating sword above the head of Dustarians. This should be changed to a fist.

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You're so behind the times Stormy. :(

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Nice story

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Though it's kinda funny now that I've realised that there's a floating sword above the head of Dustarians. This should be changed to a fist.


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Nice story ;)

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Great story bro. Gave me Chills

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Snazzy stuff man. Makes me proud.