View Full Version : Guild Events/Items

10-22-2009, 01:48 AM
Was wondering, what was this ever for? Regardless, there really isn't anything for guilds besides just having one on this game, so whatever the plan was, you guys should go ahead and make it happen!

Guilds these days could use anything. Even if its just setting events in guild cp, and trading/sharing/giving items to members or other guilds.

Even better would be some type of global events (yes I know there is a thread on this). It's not that hard to have 1 server offer to do it for Graal though...you don't have to make an entire new server just for global events, just host them on random servers each month and give "Event Items" for use in guild cp for something, anything.

Also, any server should have access to allow/set/add/delete those items per the guild leader/members request/action. Say I wanted to trade a gold pouch I got from my guild on Unholy Nation for someones hat. Give the servers access to that stuff to enable that.