View Full Version : Deals with future improvements and playerworlds

Sir Triclops
09-30-2001, 04:53 AM
(Wasn't sure where exactly to post this, so I posted it here and in the PW forum since it deals with both subjects.)

Me and Galen once discussed a idea for playerworlds. I have made out a few features it could possibly have or whatever.

Make a program and/or web app for Playerworlds that would allow you as owner to do different things like:

Global = All permissions/access.
Owner/Admin = All access most permissions (cept delete Global accounts like Stefan and Unixmad).
guild admin = add/delete/modify guilds.
guild = add guilds (Can't OW(overwrite).
LAT Admin = add/delete/modify levels, gfx, etc.
LAT = add levels (Can't OW).
GFX Admin = add/delete/modify gfx.
GFX Team = add gfx (Can't OW).
Whatever else.

Other things:
Stefan, Unixmad, and whoever else makes the owner's account/permission.
The owner/admin position can't delete global position, but can make any permission under or equal to.
The Admin of each team can create only permission/access for that team and that team only.

This would prevent: Disgruntled playerworld workers from deleting everything or most everything, and would keep from giving the playerworld FTP password to everyone that needs access/whatever.

This would help: track down persons trying do unauthorized/bad stuff to a server, clear up some confusion between teams and stuff, hopefully make it easier on Stefan and Unixmad.


I know this would be a bit of work to complete, but I think we have enough good programmers and the such around Graal or elsewhere that would be willing to work on something like this.
Let me know your thoughts, opinions, comments, etc. on this subject.