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04-11-2001, 12:38 PM
i think bomy catching would be fun like you must catch and trane the bomy then have the choice of selling or keeping it

04-11-2001, 12:47 PM
Yeah but that would depreciate the overall values of bomys...unless it took like 10 hours to train one lol.

04-11-2001, 01:10 PM
Too much like Pokemon..Nintendo would get on our butts.

04-11-2001, 02:58 PM
Originally posted by omni-m00gle
Too much like Pokemon..Nintendo would get on our butts.

hahahaha I found that quite funny. Like Nintendo wouldnt have a reason to get on Graal's case in the first..

04-12-2001, 12:26 AM
haha, nintendo should've already killed us :o

04-12-2001, 12:32 AM
probably because no one has told them......so they probably dont care......But they aren't stupid......im pretty sure they would notice the slight changes and realize where graal actually stems from......

04-12-2001, 08:58 PM
Or maybe they just don't care, and besides there are dozens of games which could be linked to Zelda out there which you have to pay for ;)