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09-19-2001, 10:24 AM
*Wants to know why his body transparency was removed so long ago*

Hey Stefan. Remember me. A long time ago I sent you an email. It said something like. Hey Stefan how about some transparent body colors. Then had a few pictures showing what it would look like.

And you said something like.

Hey yeah. I was thinkin of putting that in anyway.

And then you put it in.

And then you took it out.

Why did you take it out?

Please tell me.

*rememers.. Galen hated it*

hmm.. that might be it.. but head116 is still here :p haha im glad that got by Galen.

09-22-2001, 03:32 AM
Whatever happened to Galen anyway? I musta not been paying attention somewhere along the line.


09-23-2001, 02:38 AM
He quit for a job he could get paid to do

09-25-2001, 11:45 AM
This does not tell me why transparent body colors was taken out.

09-25-2001, 12:28 PM
I heard it was connected to some sorta invisibility hack. *shrugs*

09-26-2001, 12:46 PM

well I suppose you can change your outline to invisible too..

that's kinda bad.


why oh why is the outline changeable too.

nobody had to know that. but they did.

does stefan even use that =)


Tyhm's favorite expression. oh yah.