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09-15-2001, 02:44 AM
:grrr: :mad:
What stefan really needs to do with the dustari township gate is alter the GFX or NPC Scripting so that PEOPLE CANT LAG THEIR WAY IN...im very Pissed off that people can lag their way threw and into our town during Closed Hours...thats right
on the Dustari website www.Dustari.com Kamuii posted that the Dustari Township will be closed to graalians between 18:00 - 6:00. the time hasent been posted because then we havent decided on the time till Kamuii Pmed me the closing times. Now what im thinking is probley do the same thing with the castle bridge. back then people can lag their way in because the bridge GFX (or GIF, whatever it is) was placed over the river before it loaded and when the NPCs loaded the bridge was retracted. Cant we do that to the gate. im not sure if that will work...
or another idea is having a little bridge over a small creak into the town and have another dustari enterence on the side so when dustarians are walking in they dont need to worry about stupid graalians trying to get in...